Listening your way to a customer culture

Imagine having a pipeline of honest input straight from the people you serve. Instead of guessing about their perceptions and priorities, you’d know.

Instead of wondering about their likes and dislikes, you’d know. Instead of making assumptions about their loyalty, you’d know.

It’s this quest for ongoing input from customers that underlies our customer feedback services.

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Customer Feedback Systems

Want a 24/7 customer listening post that gives you a constant stream of useful feedback? We’ll build a website where your customers can provide input any time and all the time. The site can include an online survey, polls, quick-take forms, and more. Best of all, customer input will be compiled automatically and in real time, so you’ll have instant access to insight-filled reports.

Customer Surveys

We’ll help you get useful insights right away. We’ll start by learning about your customers and getting clear on what you want and need to know from them. Then we’ll build the survey, roll it out, analyze the input, and report the key findings and insights so you can put them to work.

Feedback Express -- the fastest way to hear from your customers

Need customer feedback in the tightest of time frames? We can deliver. We’ll accelerate the process of clarifying the goals, building the collection tool, rolling it out to the select customer group, ensuring response, turning survey input into useful insights, and getting it to you asap. This service can be of special benefit in advance of — or even during — Kaizen events.