Activating all that employee know-how

Right now in your workplace, there are countless ideas for doing things simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

These ideas aren’t in some back room. They’re located throughout the organization, in the minds of the people who work there.

Employees know the work best, so they know how to do the work better. They have the most direct contact with customers, so they know how to serve customers better.

We can build a system that shows respect for people and their know-how, gathers practical input, puts it to work, and steadily builds a high-involvement culture.

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Employee Input Systems

Want a constant flow of good ideas from staff? If they have computer access, then an input system is just a keyboard away. We’ll build it for you — a website where employees can log in and post their good ideas, respond to snap surveys and polls, compliment colleagues for great work, provide learning-filled testimonials, and much more. It’s input, involvement, improvement, and community all wrapped in one.

Employee Surveys

Too many surveys are a rote exercise in asking employees about their feelings and perceptions. We take a different tack. Our surveys accentuate the practical by seeking action-ready improvement ideas — ideas that can be implemented by the individual, by teams, and by the organization as a whole.

Employee Focus Groups

When a situation calls for in-depth input, face-to-face sometimes works best — but it requires a neutral presence. We can fill this role for you. We’ll facilitate sessions with employees, in order to gather ideas in response to well-prepared questions and prompts. We’ll study the input to find themes, insights, and breakthrough ideas. And we’ll organize and present these findings in a way that makes them entirely useful.