Connecting the people who power change

Want to multiply the positive impact of your organization’s highest performers?

Then strengthen their links to one another by establishing an online leader network.

We can build a virtual community where key people can communicate with one another — providing support, guidance, coaching, acknowledgment, recognition, inspiration, and more.

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Networks for leaders and managers

If you’re intent on increasing the capabilities of leaders and managers throughout the organization, yet they rarely convene to compare notes and expanded their know-how, we’ll solve this problem for good by creating a leader network that keeps everyone virtually together.

Networks for Lean and Six Sigma practitioners

If your Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts and others are dispersed throughout the organization, you have the benefit of wide coverage — but there can be a lack of unity, coordination, and common cause. We can change this. We’ll build an online network that brings and keeps these key people together. Think of it as a virtual community where your improvement leaders will be able to post success stories, tell about lessons learned, seek guidance from their peers, offer guidance in response to questions, recognize colleagues for work well done, and more.

Networks for project teams

If the aim is to build cohesion among project leaders and team members, all of whom are implementing the same initiative but in different locations, we’ll build the site that draws everyone into one overall team.

Other Networks

Perhaps there are people in your organization who share common certifications, roles, or responsibilities — but they work in different areas and rarely get together as a group. It doesn’t have to stay that way. We’ll build a virtual gathering place that enables them to communicate with each other at will.