Reprint Terms & Conditions

Want to reprint one of our articles/posts in a newsletter, e-letter, or magazine? Want to include it in your training materials or post it to a bulletin board, Web site, or intranet site?

You can, free of charge, as long as you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Next Level Workplace Reprint Terms & Conditions:

1) Reprint the article and headline in their entirety, as is, with no wording changes or deletions. (If the article is too long for the available space, send us your shortened version, and we will send our approval or indicate additional changes.)

2) Include the following copyright notice and attribution with each reprinted article:

Copyright 2017 Tom Terez.
Article Source:

3) In the copyright notice, use the year in which the article/post first appeared at A post date is shown with each article on the web page.

4) If posting the article to a Web site, intranet site, blog, or other online format, include an active/live link (not just the URL) to

5) All three of the above terms are requirements for reprinting an article, circulating it electronically or in handout form, posting it to a Web site or other online format, or distributing it in any other form.

6) Selling an article in whole or in part, and/or including an article or part of an article in a larger work that is being sold, is strictly prohibited without permission from the copyright holder.

7) Including the article or part of an article in any form of spam or unsolicited mail or email is strictly prohibited.

8) NextLevelWorkplace and Tom Terez retain full ownership and all rights to all of the articles and reprinted articles.

9) NextLevelWorkplace and Tom Terez reserve the right to change these terms and/or end this agreement at any time and for any reason.