The Resource Mountain Workshop

The Resource MountainWorkshop:
Tools, Techniques & Next Steps

This workshop supplies a full set of tools that people can use to gain insights and find improvement opportunities — in areas ranging from trust and team communication to engagement, leadership, and much more.

The Resource Mountain™ tool set includes 25+ quick-take assessments, idea-generating templates, and team activities. The easy-to-download tools are always available online, ready to be used for personal development and self-improvement, group learning, team-building, and overall improvement throughout the organization.

Participants get a tour of the full tool set, guidance in the best ways to put the tools to work with colleagues and teams, and an opportunity to use some of the tools right away.


Tailoring the workshop: Sessions can be tailored for supervisors and managers only — or for groups that include supervisors, managers, and front-line staff.


Available formats: 2 hours, half day, and full day



  • Start with yourself. Pinpoint the one or two improvement tools that you can use as an individual to gain insights, action ideas, and forward momentum.
  • Think in terms of “we.” Determine which tools will likely have the greatest impact when used by people in your work area.
  • Engage your colleagues. Follow the three essential steps for using these resources with people so that everyone is interested, open, and engaged.
  • Get people talking in productive ways. Discover simple, straightforward techniques for guiding the conversation among colleagues after they’ve individually completed one of the quick-take tools.
  • Make it practical. Learn the formula for turning the insights from these tools into action that effects positive, sustainable change.
  • Factor in your workplace culture. Identify how tools like these are best put to work in light of the unique values, beliefs, behaviors, and overall personality of your workplace.
  • Find the time. Learn the best ways to use these tools in situations where everyone seems too busy for anything but the immediate work at hand.


Required: This workshop is for organizations that have a license agreement for access to the Resource Mountain™ tool set.


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