Next Level Lean

If your organization has used Lean to some degree, but it’s clear that more progress can be made, we can help. With our Next Level Lean approach, we bring a fresh perspective, a wealth of organizational experience, and a deep working knowledge of Lean concepts, methods, and tools.

  • Our first step is to learn more – about your efforts and accomplishments to date, goals and objectives going forward, gaps and opportunities, and so on.
  • We use this information with you to build a plan for taking Lean to the next level. Included in the plan are a meaningful vision, right-sized goals, and a clear set of next steps.
  • Then it’s on to implementation. Our involvement is defined in the plan, narrowed to activities where we truly add value. This can involve training, coaching, improvement-project scoping, project facilitation, and more.
  • Communication is often a missing component when it comes to building Lean into how an organization thinks and operates. We can help you make it a strength. Approaches range from building web pages to developing a reporting process to coaching people to be influential storytellers – and more.
  • When we conclude our work with you, your Lean effort has greater clarity, energy, and momentum.


See also: Lean Launch Program, Process Improvement Facilitation


For service companies, government agencies, and institutions of higher education


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Putting Lean to Work

Key Metrics for Lean

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