Bring a new level of learning to your workplace

On-Site Learning and Development

Over the years, we’ve led workshops and other interactive sessions for more than 100 organizations. We can bring ideas and tools to your workplace too.

Sessions are filled with meaningful activities, eye-opening assessments, instructive examples, focused dialogue, and more. They prompt the kind of deep-down discovery that leads to practical action and positive change.

Lasting from two hours to two days, each session is tailored to fit the group, with the number of participants ranging from 10 (for a team or work unit) to 300.

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Great content, great delivery, and great flow. Thank you for your inspiring contribution. (Donna Camerano, U.S. Department of Health and Human Service)

The energy level was incredible. The session was fun and very informative as well as stimulating. I appreciate the freshness of the presentation and the depth of your knowledge. (Dixie Cook, Mercy Senior Care)

Great stories, succinct, entertaining, and easy for me to pass on to my crew. Don’t change a thing! (Tim Head, Apache/Boeing)

The activities were engaging and relevant. The teaching was spot-on and something I can employ immediately. (Peter Emerson, Bonneville Power Administration)

Tom brings an abundance of energy, humor, and practicality. This is the most motivating presentation I have ever heard on workplace issues. (Dr. Brian Jones, Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene)

The session was eye-opening. It gave me tons of things I can use to help me at work and outside of work (Sam Schwing, Siemens)

The session was motivating and moving. The ideas Tom shared can be life-changing. (Teri Molden, McKinley Hall, Inc.)

You kept me intrigued from start to finish, and the time really flew by. I’m excited to push forward and make the workplace better for my group and myself. (Brandee Shoemaker, Bonneville Power Administration)

Your teaching techniques engaged all the participants. Thank you for the new discoveries of self and the people I work with. (Carol O’Connor, Alcona Health Center)

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Lean-Powered Improvement Training

This workshop delivers a solid working knowledge of Lean-powered improvement – while developing the skills, abilities, and confidence of workshop participants. It’s tailored for service-oriented workplaces, including professional service firms, public-sector agencies, and educational institutions. more

Participants in the 2-day and 3-day formats receive Yellow Belt Certification upon demonstrated use of a Lean method or tool in their workplace.

The Resource Mountain Workshop: Tools, Techniques & Next Steps

This workshop supplies a full set of tools that people can use to gain insights and find improvement opportunities – in areas ranging from trust and team communication to engagement, leadership, and much more. The Resource Mountain™ tool set includes 25+ quick-take assessments, idea-generating templates, and team activities. more

Breakthrough Teamwork for Busy Managers: Ideas, Tools & You

This workshop delivers proven ideas and tools to strengthen teamwork. It’s designed for busy managers and supervisors – people who need quick yet effective ways to build and sustain unity. The session is filled with real-world situations, meaningful activities, and ready-to-use tools and templates. more

Turbocharged Strategic Thinking: Tools for Moving Forward

In busy organizations, managers can end up with tunnel vision as they focus on meeting today’s workload, today’s challenges, and today’s decisions. This workshop builds a new mindset and skill set based on long-range thinking, practical planning, and thoughtful action. more

There’s an Einstein and Gandhi in Each of Us: Lessons in IQ and EQ from the World’s Greatest Change Agents

To achieve our best, we need to learn from the best. That’s the premise behind this workshop, where participants learn the real stories behind some of the greatest achievers of all time: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and others. The session reveals what they did best, how they did it, and how we can follow suit. more

Teamwork from the Inside Out: The Smart Way to Team Success

This session gives participants an insider’s look into key factors that foster team commitment and engagement. They uncover their own most important factors while gaining insights into the highest priorities of other team members. All of this is made real with practical examples, inspiring stories, and meaningful activities. more

For details about any of these workshops, send a note or call 614-571-9529.