Use this self-assessment to be your own best leader

Posted by on Aug 9, 2017

Leadership Self-AssessmentLeadership Self-Assessment2-page self-assessment – 355KB

Here’s a new download that’s perfect for reflection and planning.

It’s a quick-take self-assessment for individuals who want to become better leaders and managers – of themselves.

Use it to take stock of strengths, sources of inspiration and engagement, learning needs, recharge opportunities, and more.

The fill-in sections are all on page 1. Detailed guidance is on page 2.

Feel free to download, print, and circulate it among colleagues.

We call it IMAP, for Individual Management Action Plan. But don’t let the word “individual” fool you, because it works especially well with groups. It’s an easy but eye-opening exercise that prompts good dialogue and discovery.

Have team members use it on their own – then get together to share key findings. They’ll find plenty of common ground. They’ll learn new and important things about each other. They’ll even uncover ways to help each other – in ways that benefit individuals and the team.


Download the 2-page self-assessment  (PDF 355KB)
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