There’s an Einstein and Gandhi in Each of Us

There’s an Einstein and Gandhi in Each of Us:
Lessons in IQ and EQ from the World’s Greatest Change Agents

To achieve our best, we need to learn from the best. That’s the premise behind this workshop, where participants learn the real stories behind some of the greatest achievers of all time — to find out what they did best, how they did it, and how we can follow suit.

Included are virtual visits with Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others. Mixed in are other stories about everyday people doing extraordinary things at work and elsewhere.

Everything is made practical through meaningful activities and dialogue. Participants gain key insights into performance — and specific action steps for turning those insights into action.


Shaping the workshop: Sessions can be all-inclusive, with front-line staff and managers having a shared learning experience. Or, sessions can be tailored for specific groups: staff, supervisors, managers, senior leadership.


Available formats: Half day and full day



  • Recharge your sense of what’s possible at work. Use Edison’s underlying power of belief to activate your own Edison-like creativity.
  • Clarify your mission and make it more practical. Apply the 3-step test for making your mission less about words and more about action.
  • Get smarter by leveraging nearby know-how. See how Einstein did it, and follow his simple formula for achieving breakthroughs.
  • Decode your working style to uncover untapped strengths. Compare your approach with other styles, to find what you can do to strengthen your team.
  • Go beyond knowledge, skills, and abilities. Connect with your interests and power up your imagination — and you’ll see big gains in energy, enthusiasm, and productivity.
  • Discover the 2-3 factors that are your biggest sources of personal productivity. Learn how you can best put these factors to work.
  • Explore 3 essential steps for dealing with stressful situations at work. Focus on one area where improvement is needed most, and start turning it into a strength.
  • Make this a team undertaking. Learn how to share your insights in a way that prompts interest, conversation, and positive action among colleagues.


Maintaining momentum: To conclude the session on a thoroughly practical note, each participant maps out specific action steps to be started right away.


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