Conference Keynotes

A good keynote provides each person with some sort of breakthrough: a new perspective, a unique approach, a flash of insight, a game-changing realization. A single meaningful breakthrough, no matter how small, can have profound impact over time.

For people in the audience, a presentation is an opportunity. For the speaker, it’s a responsibility.

Many of our keynote presentations are led by NextLevel’s Tom Terez. Tom has presented at conferences, companies, public-sector agencies, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations — everywhere from an observatory presentation room in Mongolia to a winery in South Africa to a grand ballroom in Chicago.

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Engaging, interesting, and very thought-provoking — the best speaker I have seen here at the Boeing Leadership Center. (Lori Schneider, Boeing)

The session was eye-opening. It gave me tons of things I can use to help me at work and outside of work. (Sam Schwing, Siemens)

Everyone remarked on how much they received from you. Your message gave us real tools. (Joyce Linn, Providence Health System)

I left feeling empowered to make positive changes. (Maria Rodriguez, University of Texas Health Science Center)

Thank you for helping us become better leaders. (Ed Fleming, Battalion Chief, Orange County Fire Authority)

He really helped us look at the organization in a different way. (Adrienne R. Lee, Philip Services Corp.)

I’m eager to get back to my center and share what I’ve learned. (Kim Crannell, Southwest Snohomish County Communications Agency)

You got us thinking about serious issues in an enjoyable way. (Martha Chamness, University of Arkansas Medical Center)

I can recommend you without hesitation. Thanks again for making our conference a success. (James Ross, Minnesota Rehabilitation Services)

Click below for keynote descriptions:

Teamwork from the Inside Out

Teamwork from the Inside Out: The Smart Way to Team Success

In high-pressure times like these, we need to be working smarter, and that means working together more than ever. This session delivers frame-changing insights for dealing with pressure points, mastering the art of dialogue, decoding our own keys to team engagement, making the most of those “bids for connection,” and more.

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The Trust Factor

The Trust Factor: How to Learn It, Earn It, and Turn It into a Team-Building Strength

Trust doesn’t just happen. It’s a long-term proposition that calls for new thinking, down-to-earth action, a measure of risk-taking, and long-term commitment. This session lifts up the hood and looks closely at what trust really means — and how it works best when times are tough.

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Going Beyond the Brainstorm

Going Beyond the Brainstorm: How to Turn Good Ideas into Great Achievements

People everywhere have good ideas for increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and strengthening the workplace. Yet many of those ideas never make it to implementation. This session shows how to convert the idea to a plan, gain early traction, build a network of kindred change agents, and create real momentum.

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Thriving in a World of Change

Thriving in a World of Change: Ideas, Tools & You

This keynote is perfect for a wide-ranging audience of people who work in change-filled environments. Brought to life with true stories that instruct and inspire, the session puts a human face on the challenge of change. People learn not only how to deal with change effectively, but also how to capitalize on it.

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There's an Einstein and Gandhi in Each of Us

There’s an Einstein and Gandhi in Each of Us: Lessons in IQ and EQ from the World’s Greatest Change Agents

Intelligence is everything in our knowledge-worker world — and it goes beyond IQ, school smarts, and training-driven know-how. Emotional intelligence is crucial too given the increased need to collaborate in our flatter organizations. So is creative intelligence, and there’s more. This session makes the case, brings it to life with examples, and prompts people to begin exercising their intelligence in all its forms.

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Appleseeds, Filaments & You

Appleseeds, Filaments & You: Ideas & Tools for Being Your Own Best Leader

To achieve our best, we need to learn from the best. So this session guides people on virtual visits with great achievers — including an eccentric wanderer, a prolific inventor, a down-to-earth visionary, a renegade sea captain, an improvisational pilot, and others. Their stories are filled with lessons and insights we can use every day — in our work lives and the rest of our lives.

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