Teamwork from the Inside Out

Teamwork from the Inside Out:
Ideas, Tools & You

This workshop is much more than a one-time team-building activity. It goes into depth, involving participants so that they use their insights as the session unfolds.

They get an insider’s look into factors that are crucial to team communication, engagement, creativity, decision-making, productivity, and more. They uncover their own most important factors. They determine what they’ll do going forward to take themselves and their teams to the next level.

The entire session is made real with practical examples, inspiring stories, and meaningful activities. Included is plenty of facilitated dialogue, so participants can share their own ideas and proven practices.


Intended for: People in all areas and levels of the organization

  • Individuals who attend this workshop will be able to take the ideas and tools back to others in their teams.
  • When an entire team (or several teams) attends the workshop, a number of the activities are tailored so that team members work together. This shared experience keeps everyone on the same page — and gives the team some serious forward momentum as the workshop concludes.


Available formats: Half day and full day



  • Uncover your team’s hidden strengths. Find the top 3, and determine how to be proactive in using these strengths starting now.
  • Gain key insights into the art and science of EQ. Strengthen your emotional know-how, which is crucial to all teams.
  • Add to your communication tool set. Get a quick course on “bidding for connection” and “turning toward,” two powerful concepts that can dramatically improve team relationships.
  • Convert negatives into positives. Learn (and practice) simple techniques for turning around negative thinking and discussion.
  • Add to your own inventory of strengths. Identify an area that might be a “weakness,” and start transforming it into a strength.
  • Spot situations that can threaten group unity. Sharpen your ability to anticipate and address these situations before they hurt the team.
  • Turn your meetings from purposeless to productive. Learn the 5 keys to ensuring that your time together is time well spent.
  • Build improvement into your team. Start using a straightforward process to see what going right with your team — then build on these positives to make the team even more engaging, effective, and productive.


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