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We help organizations and individuals reach higher levels of performance – by supplying improvement expertise, hands-on training, breakthrough tools, and a practical emphasis on what works. The aim is to achieve meaningful change that benefits the whole workplace, its employees, and the people they serve.


• Lean Launch ProgramBring Lean-powered improvement to your workplace.

• Process Improvement FacilitationImprove that key process once and for all.

• Next Level LeanRecharge your Lean effort with new purpose and momentum.

• Improvement ResourcesUse these positive tools to gain insights and ideas.

• Learning and DevelopmentStrengthen your team with an on-site workshop.

• Next Level Keynotes: Bring the power of  improvement to your conference.

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We begin every engagement by learning about the organization’s priorities, people, processes, and culture. This whole-workplace approach is based on our 17 years working with 100+ organizations.


Straight Talk

The field of workplace improvement is full of buzzwords, jargon, acronyms, and confusing terminology – and improvement practitioners can sometimes make everything more complex than it needs to be.

We opt for plain English and straightforward clarity. In working with clients, leading workshops, and delivering keynotes, we heed these wise words from Albert Einstein: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.


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