Testimonials from workshop participants

This was a wonderful presentation. I especially enjoyed Tom’s ability to get everyone interacting. I learned a lot from the people in my group, and I’ll be taking important insights back to my workplace. (Vickie Hill, Wayne County Government)

I can’t thank you enough for the energy you have infused into Aurora. The sessions you designed for our senior managers, line supervisors, and all of the employees were extremely relevant, entertaining, and thought provoking. You have such an approachable, engaging manner that it’s impossible not to take away a new “aha.” I am still hearing how much employees enjoyed meeting with you and how they wish that the sessions could have been longer! (Terri Shine, Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.)

Tom’s presentation is still being talked about — a compliment to him since his audience was made up of professional trainers and speakers. He was a great motivator for our conference! (Ron Marr, Illinois Department of Public Health Training Center)

I love how you took the time to know and understand our group and our group’s mission. You did a great job incorporating it into your talk. (Christine Paul, Minnesota Rehabilitation Services)

What a great presentation. You packed in a lot of substance with humor and insight! (Jan Monk-Gillette, Veterans Affairs Medical Center)

The stories you told were so compelling. You really made me think about what I can and need to do to be a better leader. (Sharon Jackson, Boeing)

Attendees loved Tom’s down-to-earth presentation style and his enthusiasm for what truly creates fulfillment at work. (Jodi Segel, Linkage)

The session exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would take away so many practical ideas. (Sandy Waits, National Bank & Trust)

The tools I learned and the inspiration I felt were amazing. I will take a lot with me from this session! (Alisha Strand, Washington Department of Licensing)

You teach with a heart. Great job! (Nick Moore, South Carolina Department of Public Safety)

Tom delighted the group with his wit and insightful tips and tools. He encouraged communication like I’ve never seen before, and his presentation was tailored to hit the core of our agency’s mission. (Annette Fox, Social Security Administration)

This is the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel the urge to multi-task during a speaker’s presentation. Tom Terez is very engaging. (Melinda Stock, Boeing)

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us as individuals and as an institution. I loved your stories, and you used a great mix of learning styles. This was information that any person in any role can put to work. (Amanda Zigterman, Dominican University)

Great day! Great insights! Great fun! (Denise Thompkins, AGT Broadcast Services)

Thank you for this great information! I’ll be having my team members take the assessment, and by doing this I foresee it only bettering our team and the service we provide. (Jason Pettigrew, Cendant Corporation)

I could seriously sit and listen to you expand on some of these topics for a full day! The work world could use more people like you, Tom. Thank you! (Jessica Licko, Moline Dispatch Publishing Co.)

Your passion for what you do really shows, and it’s very contagious. Keep up the good work! (Terri Carraway, Hueck Foils)

Your talk put a smile on my face. It inspires me to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t left time for. (Allison McGuinness, Cleveland Clinic)

Tom is a remarkable speaker — the best I have ever experienced. (Madeline M. Ettore, Visiting Nurses Association of Greater Philadelphia)

Great presentation! Exciting, lots of laughter, and most importantly, a great learning experience with plenty of ideas to use in the workplace. (Michelle Harrison, Catholic Health East)

Great job! You have an excellent attitude and approach to what you’re doing. You promote wonderful values and priorities for improving the workplace environment. (Marc Lubline, InnerWorks)

I loved the humor and positive nature of the material. I also thought it was very practical the ideas presented are useable. It was great too how you put information specific to our hospital into your presentation. (Becky Green, Regions Hospital)

You’re a wonderful speaker. The stories you provided were descriptive and engaging, and I learned ways to improve myself professionally and personally. (Dana Daniels, Suntron Corp.)

The session was so motivating and encouraging. It provided an opportunity for participants to gain a greater perception of their self worth. (Sarah Collins, Georgia Senior Community Service Employment Program)

This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. Very informative and very engaging. The participation was incredible! (Sandra Ford, InnerLogic)

Awesome speaker — the employee engagement was great. I loved how Tom moved around the room. It was like he personally spoke to each of us, even though there were 900+ employees! (Sherry Weatherly, FBI)

The interaction was great. We were not only learning, but also creating networks and breaking down barriers. (Timothy Gilroy, Alternative Paths, Inc.)

Tom is a confident, upbeat presenter. He focused on real people in real situations in a real world. (Abbie Amos, City of Columbus, Ohio)

I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and your faith in the power of each person to make a difference. (Stan Clark, Northern Arizona University)

Tom is an outstanding presenter with excellent, enlightening real-world stories. (Jim Emmons, City of Charlotte, North Carolina)

This was just what we needed. Staff were engaged, and the learning was fun. (Lynn Canton, NY Office of the State Comptroller)

Tom delighted the group with his wit and insightful tips and tools. He encouraged communication like I’ve never seen before, and his presentation was tailored to hit the core of our agency’s mission. (Annette Fox, Social Security Administration)

You were a great facilitator, and your passion shined through. I was able to reflect on all the changes in our agency and how to turn them into a positive situation. I plan to implement my action items and continue supporting my staff in a positive way. (Sharon Almon, Jewish Family & Career Services)

I really struggled to find the time to come today because of pressing projects, however, I found myself wishing the session would last longer. You are an excellent presenter. It’s clear you have the IQ and EQ to support the presentation skills. (Candy Smith, MOSERS)

The session was perfect — undoubtedly the best I’ve ever attended. I’m reinvigorated and ready to go back to the many challenges of my workplace. (Kendall Brown-Cloris, Tri-County Mental Health Services)

Simple yet profound. It’s what we need to motivate us forward. Thank you! (Sandy Adkins, Village of Plain City)

The session was wonderful. I was able to relate your insights to my daily interactions and challenges. (Susan Urrutia, Siemens)

You were open, heartfelt, and real. You showed true appreciation for people and your work. (Derek Bernett, Boeing)

Motivational, inspirational, and packed with useful information. I like this guy! (Stacy Jones, Coca-Cola United)

This was solid information presented in real terms. Tom Terez is a great speaker who looks you in the eye and gets to the point. (Kathy Higinbotham, Tennessee Department of Safety)

Your style epitomizes the engagement we seek. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and am even a little surprised at how much. Thanks! (Kristie Gray Smith, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A.)

This information is just what I need to promote team-building in my office. It’s practical, relevant, and easy to implement. Excellent! (Moryah Jackson, Midlands Technical College)

You were very insightful, and you kept everyone’s attention with your stories and good humor, all of which conveyed important points. Also, you were able to put everyone at ease, making people more willing to participate. (Jeanette Bartlett, Illinois Department on Aging)

Very motivating! I hope to go back to my classroom and do the same for them. (Amber Bacon, Washington County Schools, Tennessee)

The 22 keys really helped our group focus on specific issues. I had never looked at work that way, but I knew there was something missing. The keys helped to crystallize those feelings. (Mark Moore, John Wood Community College)

Following your presentation here, we used the 22 Keys as an exercise at our staff retreat. It went so well that we have carried it through into our biweekly staff meetings. The dialogue has been very enlightening, and I have noticed changes in behaviors that are subtle but very important. (Cathy Snow, Northern Arizona University)

Tom Terez is smart, humorous, down to earth, and easy to listen to. And the 22 Keys Workplace Assessment is a great tool for assessing an organization’s culture.(Diane Allen, Ridgecrest Elementary School)

This was incredibly inspirational. You gave practical tools to use and make a difference. Wonderful! (Sharon Williams, Washington State Department of Revenue)

This is great stuff presented in an understandable way. Upbeat, informative, and truly enjoyable. I only wish we could have spent more time on it. (Bryan Padget, Illinois Department of Insurance)

I appreciate all the extra effort you put into tailoring this session just for us. Your follow-up was great too I don’t think I have ever attended a seminar where the presenter continued communication with the group afterwards. (Melinda Minor, Social Security Administration)

Very inspirational AND action-oriented. The day went so fast I wish we could have a follow-up session in a month or so! (Alyssa Klein, Minnesota Rehabiliation Services)