Completing key projects in record time

There’s a time to talk and a time to build. Sometimes there’s so much of the former that it seems to prevent the latter.

Enter the concept of barn raisings. It’s the perfect metaphor for how we guide well-defined projects in which people team up to build something in a compressed time frame — something tangible that will have great practical value over the long term.

We can lead this process for you. We will focus the project scope, handle the front-end preparations, facilitate the build process over 2-3 days, ensure wide inclusion and hands-on involvement, keep everyone on task, and see that the project is fully completed.

Here is a sample of projects that are suited to this barn-raising approach:

Building a meaningful scorecard
Developing a strategic plan
Conducting a learning-needs assessment
Developing a plan to strengthen the workplace culture
Improving a process
Developing a customer survey