10 ways to boost your energy at work

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Want to increase your at-work energy? Here are ten caffeine-free actions guaranteed to boost your presence and productivity.

1. Mix with different people. Step away from your immediate work area — and into a new work unit, floor, or department. Meet, greet, and learn what these other folks do.

2. Get up and move. Not long ago, most jobs involved standing, walking, and moving around. In today’s knowledge-worker world, not so much. Do your body a favor and take active breaks every day.

3. Do things differently. A little change can shake you up in an energy-building way. Start your day with something different. Change the order of your activities. Take a new approach with an old work task. Stop going through motions that have lost their meaning.

4. Lend a hand. We all need help now and then. Tune in to your colleagues, and step forward whenever your skills, expertise, and empathy might make a difference.

5. Visit with your customers. Maybe your job puts you in contact with the people you serve. If not, then find them, spend time with them, listen, and learn. When you see how people benefit from your work, you’ll feel a surge of energy.

6. Tell success stories. Did someone go the extra mile for a customer? Did an unsung workplace hero help someone meet a tough deadline? Did a creative colleague come up with a big idea? Watch for good news and spread it around.

7. Learn with others. Attend a learning session with a co-worker. Start a book group. Circulate that timely work-related article to team members. Make learning an everyday priority.

8. Be a coach. Don’t diminish your skills and expertise. There’s a lot you know that others need to know, so please be a generous teacher.

9. Make it better. Do your work processes show room for improvement? Then get busy with colleagues to analyze and strategize. But be ready to break from the past while you break apart those old ways of doing things.

10. Take on a big challenge. Stretch your skills on a new project. Take that big idea you’ve had for months now and be the one who gets it started. By expending energy in a positive way, you’ll get much more in return.


By Tom TerezContact